School Counselor


Looking for ears to listen to a child's feelings and problems, eyes that see a way to help them, and a mouth to speak kind words


Do you have ears, eyes, a mouth, and an Arizona School Counselor certificate?  We want to talk to you!  Apply here!


SUMMARY:  Individual responsible for organizing the school student counseling program, and supervising other programs relating to the academic, social and physical well-being of all students.


 1.    Be a resource to teachers and district consultants on student testing, discipline, substance abuse, interpersonal relationships, career choices, transition to high school, etc.

2.    Serve on IEP teams of respective schools as needed.

3.    Supervise the school substance abuse program.

4.    Counsel with individual students as requested by parents, school officials, and students.

5.    Assist students in the development and implementation of their educational, personal/social and career plans.

6.    Initiate counseling for some students who may not understand the need for it.

7.    Coordinate counseling services with other community agencies.

8.    Assist in gathering information and in placing students in the proper academic setting.

9.    Work closely with parents in developing an educational program for their children that will best meet the needs of the individual student.

10.   Conduct classes with students in the basic life-skills curriculum adopted by the district.

11.  Follow district policies and procedures as adopted by the Governing Board.

12.  Perform other related duties as assigned by the Principal.


1. Appropriate Arizona State School Counselor's Certificate

2. Knowledge of and skill in using current counseling techniques.

NOW, for the real deal:

The "WHO":  The School Counselor

The "WHAT": Must be willing to feel great about yourself when you help one child reach their potential, must also be willing to feel ecstatic when you help multiple!

The "WHEN": Right now.  I mean it, GO! RIGHT NOW!

The "WHERE": Oracle Elementary of course! In beautiful Oracle, at 2618 W. El Paseo; 

and finally, The "WHY": The kids, the staff, the school, the environment, the town...and of course, the competitive pay!  "Small town roots. Global expectations" is something that is not just a motto, it is a phrase we chose to represent us.  We are a small town with big ideas and we want someone who shares in our excitement of guiding children to success! 


Apply online at (Teacher application) or visit our district office located at 2618 W. El Paseo, Oracle, AZ 85623.  For more information, please call 520-896-3071 or email  


SCOPE AND SALARY:     205 day contracted position based on the district certified salary schedule with holidays and benefits according to district policy.


EVALUATION:         To be conducted by the Principal