Bus Driver

Job Title:                  Bus Driver

Department:            District

Reports To:              Designated Administrator for Transportation

Salary:                      Starts at $13.00/hour (for a trainee) and increases depending on experience


SUMMARY:  Works under the supervision of a designated administrator to drive student transportation vehicles on regular pupil transportation routes and extra-curricular activities.




1.    Be familiar with and obey all Arizona State Traffic Laws and Minimum Standards for Student Transportation.

2.    Observe all mandatory safety regulations and district policy for school bus operations.

3.    Maintain discipline when students are on the bus and report infractions to the designated administrator.

4.    Discharge students only at authorized stops.

5.    Transport only authorized students, school personnel, or volunteers.

6.    Supervise the loading and unloading of students.

7.    Dress safely and in accordance with the district staff handbook.

8.    Perform and inform students of proper procedures for bus evacuations twice yearly.

9.    Demonstrate satisfactory work habits and attitudes.

10.  Follow district policies and procedures as adopted by the Governing Board.

11.  Perform other related duties as assigned by the designated administrator.


QUALIFICATIONS:             1. Fulfill all requirements of the State of Arizona for bus driver certification.

                                                2. Ability to relate to children.

                                                3. Dependability


SCOPE AND SALARY:     195 day position as an at-will hourly employee based  on the support staff salary schedule, with holidays and benefits according to district policy.



Please fill out General Application 

Save as PDF and submit by email or print and submit in person at the district office located at 2618 W. El Paseo, Oracle, AZ 85623.  For more information, please call 520-896-3071 or email bmartin@osd2.org.  






EVALUATION:                     To be conducted by the designated administrator.