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Superintendent's Message


As I begin my fourteenth year in the Oracle School District I have never been more optimistic about the direction, energy, and innovation our small but mighty school district is experiencing.  The changes that have occurred over the past three years and those that are coming are what make me so excited about our future.


The Oracle School District has committed itself to create the best possible learning environment for children.  To accomplish this we had to commit on every level to never let our small size keep us from doing big things.  This all begins with an amazing School Board that operates from a position of progressiveness, high expectations, and an “anything is achievable” attitude.  Over the past few years, we have installed a new student volleyball court, completed the security fencing, painted our buildings, completed the concession stand with restrooms, remodeled ALL student restrooms, added a mobile computer lab, completed several concrete upgrades, added music, and orchestra and much more! 


This school year students will come back to a beautiful campus that includes new signs that have our professionally designed logos, more student seating and other exciting changes that will have a big impact on how and what our students learn.  For an entire year, the Oracle School District staff worked on planning and designing our new Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS).  This new way of how we manage student behavior, conduct campus activities and treat each other is based on a reward system and is built on the premise that our behavior guidelines are both positive and consistent in every grade.  All teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers administrators, volunteers etc. will use the same guidelines and expectations helping us be consistent, fair and have an overall more orderly and positive learning environment.  This school year, beginning with back to school night on August 8th, we will roll the PBIS program out and begin a new era in the Oracle School District. 


This year we will also begin piloting a new and innovative reading program called Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA).  To learn more about this program you can stop by the District office and view the display or visit their website at  This complete language arts program combined with our top-notch reading specialist and her team of reading interventionist will ensure that our students soar to new levels of literacy and writing.  We never stop planning and looking for innovative ways to improve our curriculum.


Another positive and parent-friendly change are in our three and four-year-old preschool program.  Last year we implemented a new curriculum and made several upgrades to our already beautiful facility.  With the help of the Oracle Schools Foundation and our commitment to early childhood education, we have 24 full tuition preschool scholarships for the 2016/2017 school year, making access to our preschool program easier and more affordable than ever.  For more information about our District, visit our website at  To learn more about the Oracle Schools foundation visit



Dennis Blauser

Superintendent Oracle School District # 2

725 N. Carpenter Dr. | Oracle, AZ 85623 | PH: 520-896-3070 | FX: 520-896-3088