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Dennis Blauser
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At the beginning of the last school year I expressed how optimistic I was about the creative energy, and innovation our small but mighty school district is experiencing.  I also talked about the new and exciting things we are doing that will enhance the huge steps forward that we have made over the past few years. 

One of our areas of focus has been to use our resources and “in-house” talent to continuously improve the physical learning environment for our students.  I can’t tell you how many people come up to me and rave about how awesome our facilities look.  From our athletic facilities to our classrooms we have painted, remodeled and even done some rebuilding to help make our campus more beautiful and inviting.  We have even bigger future plans and I am 100% confident that in the next five years you will be amazed at what a small and progressive school district can do when we work together. 

Last year we rolled out our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program which has helped us have a more consistent and positive system for managing student behaviors that can interfere with learning and school climate.  This is an ongoing process which we are absolutely committed to.  This school year we will fully implement our Tier 2 interventions which will focus on anti-bullying and will include a school-wide character education program. 

Another area of focus for us is improving early childhood literacy in our district.  To accomplish this we implemented a new literacy program in grades K-5 and started an intensive intervention program for struggling readers.  Already we are seeing positive results and expect this trend to continue.    One of our major priorities was to work with the Oracle Schools Foundation to make quality preschool more accessible to our students. For the first time ever, preschool in the Oracle School District is tuition free.  There is an enrollment cap of fifty students.  Students will be placed in our three and four-year-old programs on a first come, first served basis.  To learn more about the Oracle Schools Foundation visit

Our biggest and boldest move yet is that this school year we are unveiling a one of a kind Technology Academy available to all of our students.  As part of the regular school day we will be teaching computer programming in all grades.  Not only will our students learn to program, we have built a state of the art “Makers Space” room that is part of this new class.  This year students will have access to robotics, virtual reality, 3-D design, and printing, piloting programmable drones (we have three!) and even designing and building video games.  No school has a program quite like ours!  We pride ourselves in having global expectations in a small school setting!


Dennis Blauser

Superintendent Oracle School District # 2

2618 W. El Paseo | Oracle, AZ 85623 | PH: 520-896-3070 | FX: 520-896-3088