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Parents, Guardians & Students

Welcome to Oracle Community Schools!

We are a community schools program that was started in 2008. We offer sports programs such as: soccer, flag football, basketball, cheer, and wrestling. Students as young as 4 years old are welcome to play in each sport! (Except wrestling, begins in 1st grade) Usually, students who are in junior high (7th-8th) don't participate in our Community Schools program due to school sports schedules that overlap. Oracle Community schools is under the umbrella of the district, meaning we're a part of the district but try to be as self sustaining as possible.

 You will notice registration fees are $30 for the first child, and if you have a second child who is also playing, it becomes $25 for the second child. If you have 3 children involved in the same sport, the third child then becomes $20. (For a total of $75 for three children) These monies are distributed in the following manner: insurance (for all participating children), t-shirts, equipment for coaches (balls, cones, flags etc.), trophies or medals, and referees.

Oracle Community Schools (OCS) wants to promote the physical, social and emotional development of youth participants. It is therefore essential for parents, coaches and officials to encourage youth athletes to embrace the values of good sportsmanship. Moreover, adults involved in youth sports events should be models of good sportsmanship and should lead by example by demonstrating fairness, respect and self control.

At this time I would like to recognize all the coaches for their Volunteer time and dedication to their teams, parents, and community! See you at the next sport!



 Rosa Flores

Community Schools Coordinator

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